Tuesday, November 16, 2021

 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the honor of kings to search it out. Proverbs 25:2

6/25/21 The Prophetic Schooling to WW3 - A timeline

BillWeather – More Prophetic Dreams

I dreamt I was at my old high School in Philly, NE High. I felt a bit goofy, with shirt tucked in standing at Cottman Ave in front of the school. Then 2 girls come down a hill, also a bit goofy with belt showing. Then a change occurs and I'm dressed cool with shades, then go up a hill close to school . I'm carrying a small sledge hammer.

I walk past a kid with a really cool harmonica that's like an organ with all kinds of buttons and sounds, a unique instrument I’ve never seen before. I then come to a corner where I see a lead singer of a band singing. Vox are good, lead guitar is great, but drumming could be improved upon. Then I go down a hill back to Cottman Ave. I attempt to run to cross street with sledge hammer, but suddenly stop, to wait for traffic to go by, then cross the street.

Across street I head up to Woodrow Wilson Jr high. Before getting  there , I run into those 2 lil punks from little house on the prairie episode "the nephews". They come at me like they're gonna jump me. I wield my sledge hammer. Then suddenly they change their demeaner and pretend like I’m an old friend. We chat a bit, then I tell them there's not enough time for them to graduate high school because WW3 is coming. I tell them, don't bother. Then I cross the street again, past Woodrow Wilson JR High and run into the principle of the school and tell her and she's trying to correct me, not to tell students WW3 is coming. She has a darkness to her and muddied demeanor. She grabs my arm, but I refuse to listen to her. EOD

Interpretation – There’s a time line to this dream. The goofiness was the time of when being new to the prophecy calling. Shirt tucked in is prophecy not yet released, tucked in. The 2 girls down hill goofy were awkward times of learning with the belt of truth upholding. A change comes, indicative of Holy Spirit sudden equipping and going up hill into school to learn more. Im dressed in the Spirit well and a time  (dressed with charisma) to chill behind shades as I learn more in the prophetic calling. Once up hill, God is telling me descriptions of my prophetic calling, that its very unique, seeing the unique harmonica/organ like instrument. My vocals are good, the lead guitar is excellent (Holy Spirit leading), but the drums are lacking volume and spark, telling me I need to be louder in drumming this prophetic word because for a while I was holding back, but now the Lord is saying more so, go forth and drum it up better and be sharper with it, like the hit of a snare.

Then I go back to Cottman Ave and have a season of time of waiting for traffic to clear, then up another hill towards Woodrow Wilson Jr High to teach. The 2 punk kids are resistance to this word, but once I show them my sledge hammer, they chill out and are now my friends. The sledge hammer is the word of prophecy already fulfilled God has given me, partly of my prophetic track record that shuts them all up. The church are like those 2 punk kids, thinking they know prophecy or are resistant to it, but my sledge hammer changes all of that. God is proving them wrong and when they hear my sledge hammer prophetic word, that is when they suddenly become friends and listen.

I tell the boys who are from Woodrow Wilson Jr High, that there’s not enough time to graduate high school by the start of WW3. High school is 9th to 12th grade, only 4 years long. The boys I met were not at Jr high , but were in between Jr High and High school, as in a transition location in between the schools. By the date of this dream, we wouldn’t make it past 4 years, past 2025 before WW3 begins, and the time of their graduating high school, foretold in this dream.

The principle, with a dark demeanor is trying to forbid me to tell of WW3. These are gate keepers in prophecy that won’t be telling the truth in prophecy and are trying to keep this word from the people. They think they are being wise, but in the end, it will only freek people out all the more when the WW3 word comes to pass. It is better to tell them now, so they have time to adjust their plans accordingly and give them a hope for making it thru WW3 to the resurrection and to also overcome their fear. That takes time.

Whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s, but for many, they need to know time is running out and they need to surrender to Jesus for eternal life in repenting and enduring to the end. People think there’s plenty of time left and they postpone surrendering to Jesus, especially youth. They need to know time is coming to an end soon and we need to present this message of urgency to them, before it’s too late.

Oh God, save your people from a false wisdom that can never bear fruit, in the mighty name of Jesus,

AMEN - in Christ, Weather.